Quantity and Quality

Wagner Portrait Group believes in quality and quantity; we provide a wide range of services all which are professionally photographed to the highest standard ensuring you great pictures and lasting memories. We provide premium retouching which means we understand each picture is unique, and we don't just apply the same teeth whitening or skin smoothing filter to 1000 pictures and call it done. We take the time and effort to assess each picture individually and retouch it to your specifications.

Flexible Services

Because Wagner Portrait Group is an independent company, family owned and run, we are free to adapt instantly to satisfy our customers. Also, as the largest independent photography company in the Mid-west, we have the size and resources to tackle any school's requests.

Apply today and see why it's great to work with Wagner Portrait Group.


School Portraits

Wagner Portrait Group specializes in school photos. Wagner photographers make sure to take the best picture of your child. We also provide excellent candid photos of virtually anything your school would like in the yearbook.


Sports Photos

Wagner Portrait Group photographers know composition. We take the time to position people in order to take fantastic team photos. We can also use a special panoramic lens for large groups of people.


Senior Portraits

At Wagner Portrait Group senior portraits are a major part of the business. Wagner will guarantee your satisfaction with your senior pictures. Wagner Portrait Group also meets competition prices so you'll never overpay.



Wagner Portrait Group can help make your next yearbook the best by improving image quality and your satisfaction. Here at Wagner, our employees know that every picture is important and will ensure that your son or daughter's smile can be seen clearly.

And Don't Forget…

Proms And Dances

Proms and Dances are special times for college and high school students. Wagner Photographers capture the moments and allow you to enjoy the event instead of worrying about taking pictures. We will post the photos online after the event where you can sit down and select your favorites.

Family / Group Portraits

Remember, these events don't frequently happen so give us a call and make your family or high school reunion last forever when it's photographed by Wagner Portrait Group.

Corporate Photos

If your company is updating staff portraits or you need updated ID cards for your employees, take a visit to Wagner Portrait Group.


Graduation is a substantial milestone in one's life and a special moment for parents. Wagner Portrait Group understands this and takes outstanding candid photos along with the main poses on stage and guarantees the highest quality prints of your son or daughter.


Sure, you'll never forget your wedding but to truly remember that day let Wagner Portrait Group handle the event. Our photographers will capture the excitement and romance with breathtaking pictures of your wedding.